ESPN is the leader in sports in both television and radio. KCMC is the official ESPN affiliate in the Ark-La-Tex! ESPN Radio KCMC delivers results when it comes to reaching the hard to reach male affluent listener. The average listener of ESPN Radio KCMC is a male between 25 and 54 who has an average household income of more than $50,000 and owns his own home. The ESPN Radio KCMC listener makes financial transactions online, is college educated, and is a below average television viewer. KCMC is Texarkana's ESPN ALL SPORTS, ALL THE TIME station!

ESPN Radio KCMC covers the teams that matter like the Texas Rangers, Dallas Cowboys, Texarkana Bandits, Texarkana College Bulldogs, and the Texas High Tigers'

ESPN Radio KCMC also carris the games that matter like the Super Bowl, World Series, NBA Championship, Stanley Cup Championship, NCAA Football and Basketball Championships.

ESPN Radio KCMC is the only place in the Twin Cities that you can get up to date sports information both locally and nationally with ESPN and Al Hanna.